Mix n Play

Most amazing music mixing app available on Windows store. Super easy to use and built especially for touch interface. Works pretty well with mouse as well. Convert your tablet or PC into a DJ turn table and enjoy the fun.

Download from Windows Store



  • Dual media controls which makes mixing tracks super easy
  • Auto mix feature that mixes tracks without any manual effort..perfect when you want to just relax
  • Comprehensive playlist management like searching, sorting etc.
  • Supports multiple screen modes which lets you enjoy the music without interfering with your work
  • Change themes to support your mood



Two playlists are provided so that it is convenient to play songs by just dragging and dropping them on media controls.


  • Add individual mp3 files or multiple files from a folder
  • Manage playlist by sorting, searching & saving music files
  • Drag playlist item on either of two media players to play the song
  • Double click playlist item to load it on respective media player and start playing
  • Existing playlist will be overwritten in case of name collision while saving

Media Control

Two media players are provided to mix tracks.  Each control comes with independent controls.


  • File name, song title, artist name and album name is displayed on the top portion of the player
  • To play a file you have to drag it from playlist to a specific media player
  • Volume control slider is present on left side of the control
  • Tempo slide can be used to increase pace of the song. This is available on right side of the control.

Control Panel

Cross fader and auto mix options are provided in control panel which is placed just below media controls.


  • When you have songs loaded on media player A and media player B, then use cross fader to decide which song to hear.
  • If you want to play song A then move slider towards left and if you want to play song B then move slider towards right.
  • Based on cross fader position, glow will appear around media control border
  • If you just want to listen to continuous music without any manual effort, turn on auto mix


  1. its seems a solid ideal dj app but needs some optization to use at live events as there is some missing features, as option for genre sort and media file structure, etc.. but I do like it and will follow it and report back as soon as I have more time to fully check it out more fully here at the house to test it for reliability.Raymond/dj roy


      1. Am so great to find something like this smoothly go no intense of manipulating this great in having control in filter, sort, selection, and remove only you have not add Equalizer, Volume control. Can you add them pleas to make your apps the best I have ever tested.one advise do not go beyond this? It’s already perfect no new version to come unless you come with Dj sound effect or filter this should be in money talk. (Payment to get the additional apps why not if this best apps.so congratulation Mix n Play I’m looking for your creation love from Indian Ocean love music…..Oops do not support in any audios software mistake you can do go unique in your creation you are perfected no more steps to go in iTunes and others be one and unique.congratulation Mix n Play congratulation Mix n Play congratulation Mix n Play.


      2. Thanks for your comments. I’m currently compiling a list of items that should be part of next update of the app. Many of your items will be there in the update. Enjoy the music 🙂


  2. Is there away to enter a custom crossfade volume? I’d like to crossfade something like 10 or 15 seconds or some other value not in the list.


  3. This app is good with the auto mixer feature, but I see no way to change settings on how far into a song it should fade automatically, nor the ability to add BPM, and when I do set it on auto mix it only plays songs from list A, never from list B. I’m using it on Windows 8.1 and downloaded it through the app store, so not sure if it’s being funky because of that…


      1. Is it failing? If yes please send me the error report. If you are just not able to add it, can you please tell me the playlist file extension. I’ll try it on my machine and release a fix if this is a bug. Again thanks for the feedback. You can email me directly at getsetgo_007@msn.com.


    1. Thanks for you feedback. 1. Using settings you can set a number (seconds) which is used to auto mix the songs. For example: if you select 100 seconds then new song will start when 100 seconds are remaining in current song. 2. I agree BPM detection capability is missing.. I would love to add that but there are some platform limitations which are not letting me do that. This is top most item in my feature backlog 3. Again, I agree, auto mix only works with List A as that was supposed to be primary play list. By primary I mean, even if you resize the player, you can always see playlist A. Playlist B is hidden from user if size is smaller. This was the reasoning that I used. I will surely consider making it more appropriate in a future release.


  4. hi there raymond here
    can you make the add songs that not having to import my music collection every time I open the app I have 4000 songs and it takes nearly 10 minutes before I can start using the app its very annoying as I can do nothing but wait, for it to load every time… please can you look into this please. raymond


  5. Another interesting feature could be to allow music drag and drop Playlist A to Playlist B and Playlist B to Playlist A for new Playlist creation.


  6. For iTunes songs, what I noticed you can do is convert the iTunes song file to an Mp3 then it appears in the mix n’ play app as an available file, What I want to know is, if it’s possible within this app, how do you save mix that you put together?


  7. Hi All,
    I just can’t add any file or folder.
    when I click “Add songs”, I can see the menu and then click “Add files” or “Add folder” but then nothing happens.
    did I miss anything?



      1. Nope.
        actually, after I click add songs, I get to “add file” or “add folder”.
        I click and then… nothing happens.


    1. Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still facing this issue? Currently it only supports .MP3 and .WAV. Let me know if you have any issue. I’ll try to resolve it for you. Thanks for your comments.


    1. Are you not able to adjust crossfade time from settings panel. Crossfade time adjustment only works when you in AUTOMIX mode. Let me know if this resolves your problem or if you are looking at something else. Thanks for the comments.


      1. I just figured out how to access the Options Panel. This is great. Perhaps in future upgrades, if possible, the ability to Automix Playlist A to Playlist B. I love this app. Thanks


  8. Richard Powers
    September 15, 2016 at 3:39 am
    PPlease… How do you access the ‘settings panel’ ?
    September 15, 2016 at 7:38 am
    There will be 3 horizontal lines on top left of the player window. Click that and choose settings.

    Thanks for the reply, but I see no 3 horizontal lines which are clickable.
    Perhaps I should have mentioned I’m running Windows 8.1 on a Surface RT.
    Here is the Mix-n-play screen for 8.1: http://bestwindows8apps.s3.amazonaws.com/images/2015/05/25/Screenshot.388840.100000.jpg

    So.. same question: ? How to access the Settings Panel

    Thanks for any assistance


  9. eh.. It just occurred to me that your the developer of this app.. I was a bit silly to provide a link showing what the screen looks like.
    But still same question.


      1. Wow.. I thought that was only for windows settings… wow. Thank you.
        Only been using this Surface RT for a couple weeks, and unfamiliar with windows 8.1

        Thanks for the solution.


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