New definition to C#

If anyone asksus , what is C#, what will be our answer? All of us will say, C# is an Object Oriented Language targeting .NET run time. Today this definition of C# is only 10% correct or you can say 10% complete. Surprised! read ahead.

Few days back, I was listening to Anders Hejlsberg‘s PDC 2008 presentation on C# 4.0. There he formulated a new definition for C#.

C# is a multi-paradigm language that covers functional, imperative, generic, object oriented and component oriented disciplines.

C# 2.0 introduced some concepts of functional languages like anonymous methods and then came LINQ. F#, a pure functional language, makes extensive use of anonymous methods to achieve its goal. C# 4.0 will introduce new features that makes it interoperable with domain specific languages targeting .Net run time.

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