Future peek…

Hey guys! congrats to all of you, INDIA finally won a Cricket World Event. It’s a huge surprise for me as they did this without my hero Sachin. They defeated every team except New Zealand. I think in this FaSt-FoOd era , 20-20 matches are here to stay. MS Dhoni appeared to me as a strong captain but as you all know India is a country driven by emotions, one or two series losses can change all this hype that he is getting. At least they won, three cheers for our 20-20 team. Hip hip Hurray!!!!

Its been long time since I wrote something really useful for coding community. Although I haven’t yet completed my Vista post and Secure string post, I want to share more of my experiences. I have done some exiting stuff related to VB.NET Macros and CSLA framework. Also, it’s a long time since I have been using MS Office 2007. It’s a gem of a software and Microsoft’s OneNote tool is really amazing. Microsoft have completely revamped office application user interface. It’s much more organized now. Other thing in which I am involved right now is configuring my company’s Share point site and project web server. My future posts will be centred around CSLA framework and VB.NET macro that I wrote.

Just check this screen shot of MS Word 2007 upper menu bar. 100% WoW factor,

Let’s hope I get some time to write my posts.

Have Fun!


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